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CDs and DVDs are still great media for backing up data and saving pictures, images, and music. While optical storage media can be fragile, optical discs last a long time. Therefore, they are still great for backup purposes, provided the disc is not going to be taken out and used frequently. One of the great things about CDs and DVDs is that they are supported on new as well as older equipment--CDs have been around for over twenty years now--so the format is backwards-compatible. It's never too difficult to find a device that will support CDs and DVDs, as opposed to USB or HDMI inputs. But how does one get data onto CDs and DVDs? Free Easy CD DVD Burner is a software solution that takes care of that concern.

Free Easy CD DVD Burner can take data in a wide variety of formats and burn that data to CDs and DVDs. It allows you to make a data disk or music/video disc easily, with a simple yet feature-rich user interface that takes the confusion and hassle out of CD and DVD burning. It's possible to copy a CD or DVD to your computer, and you can create a disc image file to save on your computer. This way, multiple copies of the same disc can be burned if needed. With Free Easy CD DVD Burner, you can accomplish a data recovery plan with two-way redundancy where data is archived both on the computer and on physical optical media.

Free Easy CD DVD Burner is the latest high-powered solution for creating quick and easy music CDs, video DVDs, and data discs for both formats. It's not necessary to pay lots of money just so you can burn CDs and DVDs; with Free Easy CD DVD Burner, installation is free.

Free Easy CD DVD Burner is available for free download and words as a burning software for Windows. Free Easy CD DVD Burner is able to burn CD and DVD file formats and also supports the copying of CDs and DVDs. In addition, Free Easy CD DVD Burner lets the user copy audio CDs in the MP3 file format. As a free app, Free Easy CD DVD Burner is a good choice for basic burning needs. While Free Easy CD DVD Burner lacks some of the more advanced features, it is still a decent choice for DVD and CD burning.


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